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Hello world!

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Cornell University. I live in the wonderful Ithaca, NY and am advised by Gün Sirer. My committee is further comprised of Ross Tate and Michael Macy. I am a member of the initiative for cryptocurrencies and contracts (IC3).

I see myself as a intersectional computer scientist. Digital technologies are changing the world much faster than we can contemplate the implications of these changes. This is something we should not disregard in our research. Therefore, on one hand, I want to build new and exciting systems that make a contribution to the research community. On the other hand, I want to be a voice that helps to make the negative effects of the socio-economic impact of CS more visible and the tech industry a more inclusive space.

Contact me for a more detailed CV or if you want to chat. My preferred gender pronouns are he/him.
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Feel free to check out my blog as well as my Twitter and Github profiles. Further, I highly recommend my advisers blog: Hacking, Distributed.

As you may know, email security is pretty broken. So I prefer to communicate over end-to-end encrypted channels. My PGP key has the following fingerprint: CC4C B973 F3BB CB09 CA05 D4A9 A539 0769 355D E304

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Some awesome grad students (in no particular order): Jack Hessel, Dipendra Misa, Soumya Basu, Klaus Schneider, Linus Dietz, Efe Gencer, Rediet Abebe, Vera Khovanskaya.